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In the year 2025, faith had all but ceased to exist. Humanity had achieved the cure to many uncurable diseases through an unknown particle, and as such the spread of science, which had already been destroying the concept of religion, completely overwhelmed it. And as such, the gods grew bored. They all gathered together, from the weakest lesser god to the strongest kings of their respective pantheons, and granted a blessing and a curse to the world.

Over 70% of those who had not yet stopped growing Meaning those below somewhere around 25, as well as 50% of those who were born afterwards, were granted mysterious powers often associated with heroes and myths, and were dubbed as such, [Heroes], even if they were evil. What's more, many animals had received similar blessings, becoming monsters, fae, and other existences, some of which preyed on humans or hunted heroes in their immense pride.

The existences known as [Heroes] are not limited by petty things such as frail mothers, ethnicity, or even gender, and can even manifest differently depending on their views, such as some heroes being able to manifest as [Greek] and [Roman] counterparts. What's more, [Heroes] are not limited by their tale, despite being able to manifest unique abilities through it, and as such even those well-known but not recognized as heroes, such as Shakespeare, being able to manifest, or even Medusa.

The time is now 2040, now known as the [Age of Heroes]

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